Who are we?

Declercq nv was founded in 1983. Thanks to our many years of experience, we are now a major player in the Belgian as well as the European market of aluminium flag poles and lighting columns. Our approach is characterized by high-quality in-house manufacturing, a rigorous in-house control system and outstanding quality. These advantages guarantee prompt deliveries and are what sets us apart from other players.
We help to realise your project with the greatest care possible and full of enthusiasm.

Flags and banners have something festive about them. That is why they remain an ideal, long-term way of promoting your external image, without burning a hole in your pocket!

Declercq nv offers various products to make you better known in a stylish and durable manner. Flagpoles, lighting columns, flags, various banners, displays, promotional textiles and frames: we know all about them. Every Declercq product is a top-quality product that will meet, or maybe exceed, your expectations.
A correct assembly and good installation are, of course, essential. Choosing Declercq, means choosing superior service and impeccable quality. An in-house manufacturing unit, in-house quality control and a perfect follow-up of your projects - including installation and assembly - are the hallmarks of our approach. After all, your public image is too important to leave to chance.

What are our assets to guarantee service and quality?

  • Our employees will carefully analyse your needs and wants and then frame a concrete proposal that perfectly meets your objectives We always provide professional advice, therefore we have our in-house design and manufacturing department.
  • Thanks to our dedicated in-house research and development team, we can keep the finger on the pulses of new trends and the latest product developments.
  • We guarantee a fast and punctual delivery, straight from our own stocks.
  • We ensure a reliable assembly and professional placement by our technically qualified staff.
  • We ensure a rigorous in-line inspection, through our in-house inspection service. Every pole, banner or flag is meticulously inspected before leaving our production floors.
  • We can provide periodic maintenance services. As a result of that, our professional assemblers for flags and poles ensure the permanent quality of your communication.
  • Our service is backed up by punctual administration services that put flexibility first.