stylish, safe and sustainable

Antidiefstal mast


  • Diameter: narrower towards the top of the pole
  • Very strong and elegant thanks to the conical form
  • Available form 6 to 12 metres
  • Rope on the inside of the pole, can be reached through the anti-theft hatch
  • Pole reinforced by an expanded tube
  • The flag is tautly streched thanks to the counterweight

photo gallery

  • Antidiefstal vlaggenmast
  • antidiefstal vlaggenmast
  • Antidiefstal luik
  • Antidiefstal deur
  • Antidiefstal deur
  • Antidiefstal vlaggenmast
  • Antidiefstal vlaggenmast

delivery and installation

These anti-theft flag poles are always available from stock, so they can be delivered quickly. We arrange the transport of the flag poles for you.

Our expert team installs your flag poles professionally and within the deadlines agreed. The conical anti-theft flag pole can be installed on:

  • Ground spigot
  • Swing base
  • Ground sleeve
  • Fixed base plate
  • Wall clamps
  • Overschuifkoker
  • Kantelvoet
  • Grondkoker
  • Voetplaat
  • Muurbeugel

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