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Indoor mast met sokkel

3 types of indoor flag poles available:

  • Aluminium cylindrical flag pole, diameter 36 mm, with a height of 2 to 4 metres, white or anodised grey, with clips or rope
  • Brass pole in 3 parts with arrowhead, height: 2 metres 
  • Wooden pole in 2 parts, height: 2.5 metres

photo gallery

  • Indoor vlaggenmast
  • Indoor vlaggenmasten
  • Indoor vlaggenmast
  • Indoor vlaggenmast
  • Indoor vlaggenmasten

corresponding socles and delivery

These flag poles are always available from stock, so they can be delivered quickly. We arrange the transport of the flag poles for you.

We can deliver these poles with their socles:

  • Aluminium spherical socle for 1 to 5 indoor flag poles Ø36mm
  • Indoor socle Barcelona for 1 aluminium indoor flag pole, in an inclined position
  • Indoor socle Twingo for 1 aluminium indoor flag pole, in an upright position
  • Marble socle for 1, 2, or 3 wooden or brass poles
  • Indoor sokkel alu
  • Indoor vlaggenmasten
  • Koper vlaggenmast indoor
  • Houten siermast
  • Sokkel marmer voor 1 indoormast
  • sokkel marmer voor 2 indoor masten
  • sokkel mamer voor 3 indoor masten
  • sokkel marmer vierkant

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