we have everything to make your flag wave perfectly


various parts available

  • Finials of flag poles in white, black or irondine
  • Rope fastner with tightening ring for installation on pole
  • Anti-theft clips for cylindrical poles Ø48 - 60 - 70 mm
  • Resealable retainer ring which makes sure your flag is tautly stretched and connected to the pole 
  • Counterweights for every type of flag pole. Resealable and quiet variant available

photo gallery

  • Kikker
  • Tegengewicht
  • Vlaggenmastkop
  • antidiefstalklem
  • Koordhaak
  • Tegengewicht klein
  • Tegengewicht groot

delivery and installation

All parts of the flag poles are always available from stock, so they can be delivered quickly. We arrange transport of the flag poles for you.

Our expert team can always adjust your existing flag poles. The old parts are dismantled and the new ones give the old flag pole a renewed character with a very long life span.