SUSTAINABLE, solid AND eye-catching



  • The purpose of this system is to make sure the flag is always unfurled, so that it is legible even when there is no wind.
  • Rotates smoothly 360° depending on the wind direction
  • Available width: up to 150 cm. Arm length depends on the width of the flag
  • Strengthening rib stops the flag from hanging down or sagging
  • Very sustainable inox bearing inside the pole
  • Long life span and does not hang down

photo gallery

  • Galgsysteem
  • Galgsysteem declercq

delivery and installation

Gallow systems are always available from stock, so they can be delivered quickly. We arrange transport of all parts for you.

Our expert team can always adjust your existing flag poles. The parts are dismantled and the new gallow systems give the old flag pole a renewed character.

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