eye-catching, stylish and sustainable



  • Set of 2 jibs out of stainless steel (inox)
  • Finishing: inox closing plugs
  • Installation on wall: perpendicular or parallel
  • Widths of canvas: 40-50-60-70-80 and 100 cm
  • Standard format canvas: 250 x 60 cm (other formats are always possible)
  • Wind resistant and very sustainable soltis canvas
  • Quadri digital printing
  • Available with LED lighting

photo gallery

  • Gevelbanier inox
  • Gevelbanier vlak
  • Gevelbanier haaks
  • Gevelbanier gelakt
  • Gevelbanier vlak
  • Detail gevelbanier vlak

delivery and installation

All systems for the various canvas widths are always available from stock, so they can be delivered quickly. Our own production line guarantees a customer-made banner for your wall or building.

Our expert team installs your wall banner professionally and within the deadlines agreed. If necessary, we use chemical anchoring to install your banner. For large canvasses, we make use of tensioning cables to better clamp the entire structure.

  • Gevelbanier op maat
  • Gevelbanier op maat

A wall banner is the ideal solution to emphasise the uniformity of your businesses. Declercq has plenty of experience with large projects, so we can help you by giving you our advice and by installing the products you ordered.

  • Gevelbanier Scholengroep SintMaarten
  • Gevelbanier Scholengroep Sint Maarten
  • Gevelbanier Scholengroep Sint Maarten