Multi-functional and tailor-made

Kader op poten


  • Aluminium or galvanised steel frame depending on the dimensions of the frame
  • Cylindrical or square tubes
  • Diameter: 48 mm - 60 - 70 mm or tailor-made
  • Installation by means of general or tailor-made connectors
  • Including double rubber bands to attach the canvas by means of eyelets
  • Available with PVC frontlit - blockout or mesh canvas
  • Variant available for temporary use
  • Optionally available in RAL colours
  • Lighting optionally available

photo gallery

  • Kader op poten
  • Kader op poten
  • Kader op poten
  • Kader op poten
  • Mobiel Frame
  • Kader op poten mobiel
  • Kader op poten driehoek

delivery and installation

All parts are always available from stock and can be tailor-made. We can deliver them quickly. As independent producer, we are able to provide you with tailor-made applications of those frames.

Our expert team installs your frame professionally and within the deadlines agreed. The frame is installed directly in concrete or is anchored by means of fixed base plates.

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