Temporary installation of cylindrical flag poles

    For the exhibition Text-île of the FPS Foreign Affairs we temporarily installed a large number of flag poles and flags. We took control of the logistics of the whole project. This means that we have installed the flag poles on concrete bases and that we have removed them after two months of exhibition.

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    Pole banners give structure to car park

    When designing the new car park of Pairi Daiza, it was important to make sure visitors find their cars quickly. Together with Pairi Daiza, we developed a concept making use of a durable product. That is how we came to the idea using our pole banners to add some structure to the car park. For the visual of the canvas, we chose a design that is closely related to the animal park in terms of colours and images.

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    cylindrical poles with gallow system

    The end of June 2013 marked the completion of the brand new and leading football stadium of the football club of AA Gent. The promoter, Ghelamco, gave the instruction to install 52 flag poles of 6 metres with gallow system.

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  • BEAUFORT '03

    conical flag poles with windsock system

    Artist Daniel Buren chose to work with Declercq for his project regarding the art manifestation Beaufort 03. With the artwork "The wind blows wherever it wants", he creates the illusion of a forest by putting closely together a hundred flag poles.

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    parking banners and conical flag poles

    Retail investment agency Redevco opened in 2013 in Sint-Pieters-Leeuw the renovated shopping centre "Pajot". We had the chance to contribute to this beautiful project.

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