Your flagpole, installed by our professional team


It goes without saying that a correct assembly and good installation are essential. Choosing Declercq means choosing superior service and impeccable quality. We have a professional installation team who takes care of the installation using the appropriate products and their expert knowledge.

We carry out installations in Belgium. The flagpole is placed in concrete and you can see your flag waving that same day.


change of flags or maintenance without worries


As expert in this field, Declercq provides the possiblity to draw up a maintenance contract.

On a regular basis, we check, repair, or replace your flags or banners at the agreed location to make sure your image is impeccable.

Urgent interventions (to repair a flag pole or the change flags) are always possible after consultation with the two parties.


Temporary installation of flag poles

Verhuur masten

If you do not wish to buy flag poles, then we have the perfect solution for you. You can rent flag poles and their socles.

Cylindrical poles, telescopic poles or Fix&Flex can be rented for 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, or for a mutually agreed period.

Graphic design & simulations

Custom made graphic support and simulations


Our graphic department gladly support you to process your logo or corporate identity into a proper draft for your flag or banner.

Do you have no idea which print you desire?

deNo problem, our graphic designer gladly helps you with a few draft propositions or simulations of the final result. Like that, you are sure that everything will be executed to your needs.